Making Decisions

Dynamic Governance

The Community Orchard is a space for everyone and everyone is welcome.

A willingness to grow and share are at the heart of this project, whether it is produce  or friendship.

To deliver all the different facets of this project we will need a range of skills, experience and enthusiasm and as much or as little time as you can commit. 

There will be many niches for volunteers to get involved in, from strategic decisions to operational tasks.
We will create this together.

If you are interested in getting more involved please complete this form or email

Ninth Brain Technology

Every circle has an operational purpose with clear aims.

For example one may have devolved authority for fruit trees, others may be communications, fundraising, events, ecoschools, groundworks and so on. 

The circle's aims will be decided by the volunteers who work together.
Everyone will have a voice and all decisions will be made by consent.

Sociocracy is also known as Dynamic Governance and is method of making effective decisions, empowering  and connecting teams and facilitate continuous improvement over time.

If you want to know more or get involved you are invited to contact us by email or fill in this form so we can help you find those who need your skills an that meet you wants and interests