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The journey for this project will be documented by means of this Blog

It is our intention is to use this to keep you informed of the progress and importantly how YOU can get involved

November 2023 

Preparing for 2024 begins

Getting ready for Winter

A wet October with Storms A-C gave us some things to think about.

As the Orchard site is a low point below Carr Rd the run off  needed some consideration.  Thankfully links had already been made with the Rural Skills Course being run at Grantown Grammar School and plans were able to become a reality. In addition to the physical effort of the pupils, the expertise of the Lecturers from UHI came into play.

Reuse Recycle

Soil was donated from the housing development on another site in the village and the riddle proved useful in clearing stones from this to give us a good planting medium. There is a lot of physical work involved and we continue at a steady pace.

Care has been taken to use materials not contaminated by pesticides and herbicides so as not to compromise insect life.

Plants and Planting

A quiet time for planting a busy time for planning and preparation

Legals and Financials

The Licence to Occupy has been extended and the planning application for our next phase of developments continues . We value the continued support from Carrbridge Ahead in pursuing this and arranging legal representation. The application to the Community Regeneration fund  stage 2 was completed and submitted on time and we hope to gain funds for a tool shed, and make the dream of a willow structure come true for the pupils of carrbridge Primary School.

You can see examples of their suggestions above

Other funding sources are being investigated to give us more options for 2024 and beyond

Friday Tidy

Fridays moved to 10-12 to make the best of the shortening daylight hours. These remain a focal point in our week to pick up litter, spot weed Dock, throw a few stones in the burn, and prepare for next phases.

It is also a forum where we make suggestions and decisions with those doing the groundwork being the primary drivers.

Additional impromptu sessions were held to suit availability.


Informal meetings have taken place and online discussions due to annual leave/ October Holidays