The journey for this project will be documented by means of this Blog

It is our intention is to use this to keep you informed of the progress and importantly how YOU can get involved

September 2023 

Whilst the Going is Good!

Let's Plant.....

Motivation is good and community spirits high after another successful Carve. 

 So we decided to celebrate and use the September weekend for another event.

Foster a Fruit Tree was conceived.

Foster a Fruit Tree

The following Businesses and Volunteer Organisations participated in planting named heritage varieties of Apples and Plums

Carrbridge Artists Studio, Riverside Bowling Club. Stephen Blair Tree and Ground works, Cairn Hotel, Cairngorm Gin, Carrbridge Village Hall, Carrbridge Golf Club, Carrbridge Church, Carrbridge Ahead, Ewan Buxton Joinery, Carrbridge Friday Club, Doug Edwards, The Taylor Family

14 trees were planted plus 3 damsons and 3 plum ( Czar and Victoria), one from a graft of a tree over 100 yrs old at Viewfield Farmhouse

 Apple Varieties included, Beauty of Moray, Fiesta,  Paradice Gold, Lobo, Ribston Pippin, Mrs Phillimore, Otava, Meridian, Violette, joining those planted in June by the school

Reuse Recycle


A chance conversation with our local wood merchant at  Carve Carrbridge identified a source of uncomposted bark which could be used for paths between the raised beds. This ontop of cardboard is gradually replacing the carpets which have done an excellent job and the bark is idea to level out the bumps in the ground.

Mini Kit

Peeling back the carpets

Barking up

Weeding and mulching

Plants and Planting

 The Herb bed is making great progress planting some herbs that we already had and some grown from seed. This includes Bronze fennel, dill, thyme, marjoram, oregano, parsley and feverfew.  Some picking has taken place by locals and campervan visitors alike. 

The Apple Trees

See above 

These are thriving and we have some developing apples. 
Adjustments to the Burnside row, weeding and additional mulching was carried out by Carrbridge Primary School eco project pupils with mini spades and forks bought for that purpose

Legals and Financials

The Asset Transfer continues to be a work in progress and we met with the Ward Manager and Council's Growing Officer to discuss our progress and  the community benefit. We were encouraged to applying for funding through the Community Regeneration fund  which is a 2 stage process administered by The Highland Council. We value the continued support from Carrbridge Ahead in pursuing this and arranging legal representation for when the time comes.

Friday Tidy

Fridays between 2 and 4pm remained a focal point in our week to pick up litter, spot weed Dock, throw a few stones in the burn, and prepare for next phases.

Additional impromptu sessions were held to suit availability.


Informal meetings have taken place and online discussions due to annual leave