November 2022

Start Up meeting.pptx

Start Up Meeting

Having assessed the initial feasibility of the site it was time to find out if anyone was actually interested in the Project!

A poster was created and an announcement on village social media inviting anyone else who might be interested to come along. The poster was also displayed on local notice boards

7 people attended the Start Up meeting on 9th November 2022 with a further 6 apologies.

A short presentation of the information available at the time was followed by a discussion and an agreement from everyone at the meeting  to proceed.

 A Facebook Messenger group was set up and 2 site visits were arranged.

 A Report was compiled for Carr-Bridge Ahead to consider at their November meeting and an offer to present to the meeting and answer any questions was accepted.  It was felt this was important as this was new territory for CBA whose main role to date had been primarily focussed on managing Community Funds.