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The journey for this project will be documented by means of this Blog

It is our intention is to use this to keep you informed of the progress and importantly how YOU can get involved

August 2023 

Patience !!

Growing, growing.....

After a very dry hot and sunny June and wet mild July the game is on ! The trees and wildflowers are thriving. The cages have prevented any nibbling removing thistle and dock between the trees is ongoing. The apples will be removed soon as we want the energy to go into establishing the root system with a view to getting better yield next year.  However we decided to do this after the pupils return to school so that this can be explained.

Our Puddle has remained stable and is the result of seepage from Carr Rd gardens as we know the sewage pipes are intact because of the CCTV survey conducted by Diamond Drainage on behalf of Scottish Water.  

A shout out has led to the offer of plants which is much appreciated and the help to plant them would be just as valuable.

Reuse Recycle


These have been invaluable and make the management of planting areas easier.  

A little visit to David Ritchie and Sons yielded a delivery of carpets and gave them another use in their lifecycle.  A heavy day of moving and handling with no serious incidents ensued.


We had hoped to plant the remaining fruit trees this month but so far this has not been possible yet  as the procedures to transfer are still moving slowly although we hope to do this under the License to Occupy.. see below -- Watch this space...

Plants and Planting

 The volunteer who has taken lead on the Herb bed has returned from annual leave and made great progress planting some herbs that we already had and some grown from seed. This includes Bronze fennel, dill, thyme, marjoram, oregano, parsley and feverfew.  

The sunny weather in the second week of August has opened up the wildflowers with Phacelia aka Fiddlers Neck, daisy, cornflower and some that were there already coming into bloom.

The Apple Trees

See above 

These are thriving and we have some developing apples.  Some adjustments and additional mulching are required.

Legals and Financials

Carrbridge Ahead continue to pursue the Asset Transfer proper and have engaged a solicitor to progress this when they hear from Highland Council.  This continues to be a work in progress as annual leave slows the processes. We value the continued support from Carrbridge Ahead in pursuing this and arranging legal representation for when the time comes.

Friday Tidy

Fridays between 2 and 4pm remained a focal point in our week to pick up litter, spot weed Dock, throw a few stones in the burn, and prepare for next phases.

Additional impromptu sessions were held to suit availability.


Informal meetings have taken place and online discussions due to annual leave