January 2023

Carr-Bridge Ahead and Carrbridge Community Orchard

January got off to a positive start and our thanks to John Rendall of Carr-Bridge Ahead for his efforts in driving forward the process to acquire ownership/ tenure of the site. 
A Short Life Working group with representations from CBA and volunteers interested in taking the project forward, met with the Scottish Land Fund Representative from Highland and Islands Enterprise( HIE) and then with officers from THC, to discuss the acquisition of the land and a short term License to Occupy.  
This would  allow the Orchard Group to progress the project whilst Carrbridge Ahead pursue the legal and financials with solicitors and contracts etc.

Carr-Bridge Ahead drafted a Memorandum of Understanding to cover the relationship during the land acquisition process and a Terms of Reference to be agreed by the Community Orchard Group in due course which will define the ongoing relationship between the 2 organisations. In particular the arrangements for financial management, legal matters including the lease agreement, insurance for activities and liabilities and policy issues. 

This is an important agreement to enable the group to apply for funds from external sources, not just to expect Carrbridge Community Funds will cover the costs.
However funding was requested for a Start Up Grant  to enable the Steering Group to hold public meetings in the Village Hall or the Marie Anderson Pavilion and other reasonable costs to get the project off the ground.
These funds are ring fenced by Carrbridge Ahead in their accounts with drawdown for evidenced start up  expenditure.
On the 27th January the Shortlife Working Group met with officers from THC to discuss the CAT and the option of a License to Occupy.


Project volunteers  invited friends, neighbours and those who came to the start up meeting or expressed an interest as well as the 63 members of Plant Drochaid Charr.  to a meeting on the 25th January in the village hall.
The agenda for the meeting can be found here

Carrbridge Community Orchard Group

Meeting Notes from 25 January 2023, Village Hall, 19.30

Meeting attendance:

         2 Apologies

What do we do first?

 ·       Make a timeline of deadlines and who (volunteers) we need to help

 ·       Do a survey and make a plan of the site and what we want in it

o   J – happy to contact S and L re plant surveying

 ·       Get the plant group going soon then, involve JH to come along and talk to the group about trees

 ·       Maybe set up a site visit to Dunkeld

o   S to look at other community gardens. Getting in touch with CB at THC

 ·       Get the kids from the school involved soon. School can make bird and bat boxes

 How do we recruit volunteers:

         Plan and timeline would help

Facilitators needed:

Plants group

Comms group



Also agreed at the meeting:

·       Future meetings can be through Zoom

·       Most folk happy with comms through messenger

·       Happy to continue progress and with decision making process

 Next meeting in two weeks 8 February 2023


Following the meeting with Highland Council Officers a detailed survey of the site was undertaken. This will be form the basis for the Community Asset Transfer to Carr-Bridge Ahead for use by the Community Orchard Group.